Letter from the Director of Benefits, Evan Makrinikolas 


Dear Mayor / Town Manager,                                                                                     Summer, 2019


The Massachusetts Valor ACT II added the provision for mandatory training and certification of veteran’s benefits and service officers. In an effort to assist the Veterans’ Service Officer (VSO) of your community, the Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) will be holding mandatory annual training session October 21 through October 24, 2019.


DVS has developed this training session in response to the needs of the community to ensure that your city or town receives full reimbursement of veterans’ benefits expenditures. In addition to the reimbursement process, the VSOs will be trained in a variety of processes including applying for alternative sources of benefits which reduces the tax burden on your community.


This year’s training will emphasize on federal benefits Veterans Affairs benefits which is an immediate reduction to the benefits paid by the community and bring an important revenue stream into your city or town.


We will also provide training on MGL Chapter 115 benefits and the Veterans’ Services Management Information System (Web-VSMIS). Web-VSMIS is a web based, interactive database management system developed exclusively to assist the VSO with benefit submission and reimbursement. This system is in use and has a high level of accuracy which ensures your community is accurately reimbursed.


In accordance with FY 2019 General Appropriates Act, funding is set aside to provide training to the VSOs of the Commonwealth.  As part of this training, DVS will pay 100% of the booking fee, travel and living expenses.


Please feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions you may have.  You can reach me during normal business hours at (617) 210-5482 or evan.makrinikolas@massmail.state.ma.us.





Evan Makrinikolas

Director of Benefits

Department of Veterans Services

Cc: Town / City VSO